3. Say Cheese! Or not.

We texted nonstop for days once he was back in Canada. It was the most intriguing and engaging conversation I've ever had.

Finally, it was time for the first video call.

I put on the finishing touches on my ‘no makeup’ makeup look and practiced my camera-smile.

No, not working. Let’s try another angle

I rearranged the room to allow better lighting and show off my preferred side (vain, I know but I knew he liked my subtle nose piercing so why not ride that wave?)

There we go, now I’m ready

I hit Call on Skype and sat back to look casual like I hadn't thought about the call all day and rearranged my room to look like I always had a collection of classic literature behind me. If only he knew I was perched on an overturned laundry basket and sitting in the top left quadrant of my room.

Ringing. Ringing. I waited for that charming smile to appear at the other end. But it wouldn't connect. And then it hit me. Our challenge within a challenge? The country-wide ban on Skype.

We tried again, with frantic WhatsApp messages making the rounds to help troubleshoot this issue.

Finally, he said, “Send me a video message on WhatsApp

Now that I can do.

I fixed my hair once more to resemble the ‘I woke up like this’ look and began recording a very coy video featuring my alter ego. In my defense, this was the first video he would’ve seen so the need to remain modest and shy was VERY strong at the time. I batted my eyelashes, smiled at the camera, pouted to indicate my disappointment in the telecom ban and hit send.

I eagerly waited for a video in return but all I got was “Where’s the message? Wave at me on video and say Hey!


When we finally realized that video calls weren’t exactly a possibility, I decided to call him. Old school style, on the phone. (IKR?)

We spoke about the oddest things, from my fear of flying to his love for food and all things Marvel. There was an unspoken moment where we both realized this was headed somewhere.

My heart sank. I was falling in love with someone over 6,000 miles away. F*ck.