4. Okay, NOW say cheese.

A few weeks after the attempted video call fiasco, we FINALLY had our first video call. No ban. No interruptions.

Speaking of headed somewhere, I landed in Mumbai shortly after the last interaction with him. I remember smiling to myself on the flight because he realized something I hadn’t – the India trip would give us access to Skype with no restrictions. Small wins!

I remember the first Skype call like it was yesterday. My heart was racing as my laptop started and I reached for a glass of water so my hands don’t appear aimless when he sees me (Side note: what are you supposed to do with your hands during a video call?)

A million scenarios raced through my mind before I pressed Call. What if he doesn’t like what he sees? What if he’s looking for someone a lot more mature than the girl that applied a Winnie the Pooh Band-Aid on her shin hours before the call? And the worst one:

What if I fall in love and he doesn’t?

I hit call and waited. It connected.

There he was. My guy, my person. Right there in my laptop screen, smiling at me as he screams “Finally!

I’ll skip ahead to the present for just a moment here – There have been many moments in the initial stages of our relationship where he’s made me realize that he’s the one for me. This was one of them. I’ve never had someone exhibit that level of joy and innocence over a video call. He’s the one.

Back to the first video call.

I leapt at the screen and induced a seizure trying to reach for him.

There he was.

He was driving and headed to New Jersey for work as he does every so often. We spent the first few minutes discussing everything under the sun (primarily how cute the other one looks and how happy we are to finally connect on video call!)

With an eight-hour drive on the horizon, strong WiFi signal and an even stronger personal connection, we had nothing to lose.

While any new romance would expect the couple to spend hours talking about themselves and their budding love story, we decided to watch Andaz Apna Apna (thank you, Share Screen feature on Skype). Now when I say we watched the movie, I mean, we narrated each scene, delivered every dialogue and laughed prematurely because the fact that we both have the movie memorized is something we bonded over.

This boy, he’s got my heart.